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Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)

Loss Prevention Certification Board - LPCBThe Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) governed by BRE Certification Ltd., approves fire and security products worldwide, operating in over 45 countries. The LPCB aims to improve the protection of people and property through the reduction of risk.

The LPCB’s list of Approved Fire Security products and Services available in their Red Book. This is an essential reference for those with responsibility for the design, specification and purchase of fire and security protection products and services. It lists products and services, which have been certified or approved by the LPCB to appropriate specifications such as British Standards, European and International Standards and Loss Prevention Standards (LPS’s). Products and services in the list have been examined to an appropriate standard and thereafter are monitored on a sampling basis for continuing conformance through periodic audits.

LPCD Certified Products

MDM Steel-tec High Security Door Range is certified by the LPCB to LPS1175 Security Rating 1 and the M2M3 Range is certified to LPS1175 Security Rating 3.

LPCB testing of steel doors to the industry standard of LPS1175 involves deliberate forced entry with a range of attack tools over a set period. The range of tools and time period is determined by the security level required. Regular auditing also ensures that approved products continue to comply with the relevant standard.

It is important to be aware that door and hardware combinations must be tested together for a door to be certified and testing undertaken independently by the LPCB. BEWARE OF FAKES – some companies mislead customers by referring to uncertified doors by a Level or Security Rating. If a door has not been tested by the LPCB it is not certified and therefore does not come with the same assurances.

MDM Steel Security Doors certified to LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 can withstand an attack using a selection of tools chosen to represent an opportunistic attack with a maximum test time of 10 minutes applying.

MDM supply and install CX2 Retractable Grilles which have been independently tested by the LPCB to the industry standard of LPS1175 Security Rating 1. This means the security grille meets the full technical requirements – resisting a series of professional attacks. Certified grilles are authenticated with a plaque on the lockpost. Certification provides peace of mind and can reduce insurance premiums.

Certified Size Range For CX2 Security Grille

Minimum Width (mm) Maximum Width (mm) Minimum Height (mm) Maximum Height (mm)
Single gate 400 3000 700 3000
Double gate 400 6000 700 3000

CX2 Grilles can be manufactured to as small as 400mm high however this is outside the certified height range. Lift-up and Lift-out track options are also excluded from the certification.

Range of Tool made available for LPCB Tests

Tool Category A (level 1)

  • Adhesive tape
  • 1@ Cable cutter – 150 mm long
  • Fishing line (e.g. polypropylene multi fibre)
  • Flexible plastic coupon
  • 1@ Glass cutter
  • Hexagon wrenches – selection 120 mm long
  • Hooks
  • 1@ Knife – blade 125 mm long x 3 mm thick
  • 1@Lever – 0.7 kg/300 mm long
  • Pliers (including self gripping) – selection 200 mm long
  • Punches
  • Rope
  • 1@ Screwdriver – 6.5 mm diameter/square x 150 mm long
  • Spanners – selection 150 mm long
  • Tweezers
  • Wire
  • Wood/plastic wedges

Note: The tools of this category are selected in order to simulate an opportunist attack by bodily physical force and by stealth using minimal tools.

Tool Category B (Tool category A plus) (Level 2)

  • 1 @ Bolt cutter -350 mm long
  • 1 @ Claw hammer – 350 mm long/0.7kg
  • 1 @ Drill bit (6 mm diameter jobber -HSS/HSCO/Carbide)
  • 1 @ Hand drill -400 mm long/1.5kg
  • 1 @ Junior hacksaw plus 2 HSS blades
  • 1 @ Metal plate shears -200 mm long
  • 1 @ Metal plate shears -200 mm long
  • 1 @ Pipe wrench -250 mm long
  • Pliers (including self gripping) – selection 250 mm long
  • 1 @ Screw -7 mm diameter/square x 250 mm long
  • 1 @ Screwdriver – 14mm diameter/square x 400 mm long
  • 1 @ Tube – 38 mm diameter x 300 mm long

Note: This tool category provides a more determined opportunist attack by bodily physical force and tools of a higher mechanical advantage.

TOOL CATEGORY C (Tool category A and B plus) (Level 3)

  • 1 @ Axe -350 mm long/1.5kg
  • 1 @ Brick bolsters -250mm long x 75 mm wide blade
  • 1 @ Cold chisel -250 mm long x 25 mm wide blade
  • 1 @ Crowbar -700mm long/2.5kg
  • 1 @ Drill (cordless with rotary action only) -7.2 V d.c*
  • 1 @ Drill bit (10 mm diameter jobber -HSS/HSCO/Carbide
  • 1 @ Gas torch (Butane/Propane)
  • 1 @ Hacksaw plus 2 HSS blades
  • 1 @ Pad saw plus 2 HSS blades
  • 1 @ Scissor jack -750 kg capacity, 100 mm minimum retracted, 200 mm stroke Wood chisels-250 mm long x 25 mm wide blade

*Complete with a spare power pack.

Note: The tool category is for deliberate forced entry of well-protected premises using bodily physical force and a wide selection of attack options.

Security rating classification Tool category Maximum working Time in (mins) Maximum test Duration (mins)
1 A 1 10
2 B 3 15
3 C 5 20


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