Delivery Information

Delivery should be within 15 days of order confirmation and charged at £95 per delivery. For deliveries to Scotland please contact us.

Delivery & Unloading Method

The product is loaded onto box vans (Renault Master, Mercedes Sprinter or similar).

Single doors are individually wrapped already incorporated in their frames. Double door leaves and frames are individually wrapped, as are side or top panels. The double door frames are broken down into three parts – two jamb posts and a head rail. There are boxes containing the necessary fittings (i.e cylinders, keys, packers etc)

The driver will wear P.P.E at all times.

The driver will book in to receive instructions, check for firm solid ground, and assess other risks such as overhead cables, people and traffic. Then park safely, inspect the location for risks again.

Assistance will be required, supplied free of charge, to offload.

Confirm acceptable by getting a sign off on the delivery paperwork, stow the equipment, re-assess risks before booking out and leaving site.